Can’t Get Enough

After years of waiting, I was finally able to see Josh Krajcik sing live in Minneapolis on Sunday night. Although the crowd was rather small, it didn’t stop Josh from giving an amazing performance. He said that Minneapolis music fans were like no other fans anywhere and he’d rather play to a small crowd of fans who are into the music like we are in Minneapolis rather than playing to a large crowd of people who aren’t into the music at all. There was a gentleman taking video standing just to the right of me, and while I can detect my “WOOOO” from the crowd, I assure you I am not speaking during Josh’s performance of his song “Close Your Eyes” which is becoming a favorite of mine. Sweet yet powerful – I hope you enjoy:

Josh told us he doesn’t like to write set lists and tends to go with the flow, so it was our lucky break that Josh decided to sing us one of his funny songs but it’s still delivered with such an amazing vocal, it’s priceless:

And just because I think it’s too good not to share (and you can actually hear me shushing people), here is a double shot of Josh covering a pair of classics as only he can:

Special thanks to MrJrhoffman for getting this posted on youtube so quickly, and to Josh and Aaron for a great evening.

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