Can’t Get Enough

Finally! Some new Astro:

For those of you who need more context, I admit it. I’m an X Factor fan. I thought Season 1 saw the most promising talent ever collected on any of these various talent programs, and I believe many of them are going to go on to achieve great things. For example, the young man featured above. I believe he was the first rapper to make it on to one of these shows, and for good reason. For his first audition, he performed an original song that was both catchy, funny and endearing. The crowd loved it and you can see the glint of dollar signs in Simon Cowell’s eyes. Check it out:

Astro made it through the X Factor’s “boot camp” and onto auditions at the judge’s homes. Here, he delivered another amazing performance for judge L.A. Reid and Rihanna, highlighting his spittin’ skills, mixing in a bit of beat boxing and again using original lyrics.

In fact, Astro used his own original lyrics every week. Check out his cover of Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” and judge for yourself if this kid young man is the real deal:

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