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Why America Still Needs Jon Huntsman

It’s been awhile since we’ve written at length about Jon Huntsman, and not without reason. After finishing in third place in the New Hampshire primaries, Jon withdrew from the nomination race and, frankly, our level of interest in politics withered. We … Continue reading

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Why Rick Perry?

As the 2012 nomination process gears up for the primary season, the already crowded GOP field is making way for yet another contender – Texas Governor Rick Perry. Perry enthusiasts are quick to highlight Perry’s fiscal record in Texas as … Continue reading

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The Economic Case for Jon Huntsman

There’s no two ways around it. The economy is going to be the premier issue in the 2012 presidential contest. The President’s economic record leaves much to be desired with high unemployment, stagnant growth and anemic job creation. And let’s … Continue reading

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The Importance of One

Marvel Comics has teamed up with an organization they feel so strongly in promoting that they are giving free copies of the latest Captain America issue to anyone who wants it. It is an organization both Gripweed and Drae strongly … Continue reading

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Winter Wonderland

There is nothing quite like winter in Minnesota. People always hear the horror stories of our weather, and this weekend is no exception with a massive blizzard pounding the state. And make no mistake, it’s as bad as the news … Continue reading

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Why Write-In Shouldn’t Be Right Out

While performing our own mid-term election post-mortem, we began discussing how, in certain races, Republicans pulled defeat from the jaws of victory. To put it another way: Mike Castle should feel like the world’s biggest heel. When one views what … Continue reading

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Big Government Quagmire

One of the reasons conservatives favor limited government is due to the unintended consequences of government regulation, and the drug war is a prime example of this phenomenon. As I have previously blogged, ending the drug war is actually a … Continue reading

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Yahoo Blocking Users from Features – Updated

I’ve made mention of Yahoo censoring comments before – when the user’s comment is never posted – but now the moderators at OMG! from Yahoo! are now preventing me from commenting in a whole new way – by not allowing … Continue reading

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I Wish I Could Get My Hopes Up

From the AP via MSNBC, an update on the Gilad Shalit saga. Israel said Sunday it has resumed indirect talks with the Hamas rulers of Gaza on swapping hundreds of Palestinian prisoners for a captive soldier held for more than … Continue reading

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Bogarting Billions

I read this piece last year, but I think it’s worthy of being repeated. The entire piece is not only worth reading in full, it’s worth passing on to others: I Smoke Pot, and I Like It Did you know … Continue reading

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As someone who is repulsed by the celebrity gossip industry, I was pleased to come across this story: Nicole Richie Lashes Out at Paparazzi for Filming Near Daughter’s School Some highlights: In a letter posted on her blog on Tuesday, … Continue reading

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