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Too close to home: Minneapolis tornado damage photos

When I posted on Monday that my neighborhood was “very lucky” I must admit I did not know how right I was.  I trekked about a mile from my house to discover the tornado struck much closer than I had … Continue reading

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Minneapolis Twister & Other News

I knew it was bad yesterday when my ears suddenly popped while I was standing in the kitchen. When I looked out a west facing window, I saw some debris flying in the air but the worst that happened in … Continue reading

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I Heart Trees

I love trees. I’m not afraid to admit it. I think they are one of earth’s most remarkable life forms. There are a number of reasons to think so, of course, such as their exquisite beauty. Each one is indeed … Continue reading

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As If It Wasn’t Going To Be Dark Enough Already

Do you remember where you were 456 years ago this Tuesday?  Because if you can you will no doubt remember that it was the last time you saw a full lunar eclipse occur on the eve of the Winter Solstice. The … Continue reading

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