Just the FAQs

Why William F. Buckley?

We admire intelligent, conservative wit with no tolerance for the fringe – except the sort tastefully done on a lampshade.  That and Of O’Rourke and Beatles didn’t have quite the same ring to it.

Why The Beatles?

“And Beatles” just fits anywhere.  Frankly, we would visit any website with “and Beatles” in the title.  Of Crop Rotation and Beatles?  Definitely.  Of Pancake Mix and Beatles?  We’d bookmark it.  Of Fluvial Geomorphology and Beatles?   Just try and keep us away!

Why a Sgt. Pepper Banner?

Icons with icons in an icon – how could we not? Meticulously crafted in its entirety, our photoshop makes the perfect logo without argument.

Why Jon Huntsman in 2012?

We believe Governor Huntsman should be the next President of the United States for a number of reasons, most notably for his strong record of economic growth in Utah as well as his knowledge of and experience with global and Asian economics. Of Buckley and Beatles is not paid, endorsed or otherwise affiliated with the Jon Huntsman campaign.

Why is the Suicide Prevention Lifeline in your blogroll?

In January 2011, Marvel Comics teamed up with the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. Because suicide has touched both of our families, we both felt strongly in joining this campaign to raise awareness of suicide prevention. We ask readers to consider adding a link to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline to their blog or Facebook page as we have because every attempt to save a life matters. Thank you.

Why the regular discussion of the drug war?

Like our namesake William F. Buckley, we believe the policy of prohibition has been a failure. We likewise agree with Milton Friedman that the drug war is a socialist enterprise – a big government quagmire. It is our firm belief that continuing to raise the issue of the drug war is the best way to bring about a national discussion as to how America can better handle drug use and drug abuse.

Why MN Music?

Minnesota isn’t just fly-over country.  We are, in fact, FROZEN fly-over country.  And we also happen to be the home of a surprisingly wide range of music worthy of note.  Frostbite not included.

Why Please Don’t Call Them Liberals?

Because when leftist policies promote power in the hands of government over individual liberty, then it hardly seems appropriate to call them “liberals.” We don’t mind pointing out these inconsistencies in the least.

Why Book of the Fortnight?

This allows us to mention one book each a month for our readers, and words like “fortnight” need love too.

Why Can’t Get Enough?

Crank it to 11 and stick it on repeat.  Whatever you call it, these are the songs our neighbors are really sick of hearing.

Why Magical Mysteries?

We don’t know how science always does what it does, but Beatle-fying themes is what we do here.