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Book of the Fortnight – Washington: A Life (part 1)

We are back with another book review for your reading pleasure. And this one features one of our personal favorites. The Main Man. George Washington. This fortnight we bring you one of the most acclaimed biographies of 2011, the Pulitzer … Continue reading

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Reagan: The Great Compromiser

Over the years, it has become increasingly popular for politicians and pundits on the right to claim President Reagan as a hero, a role model, an example of the ultimate conservative. But as I noted previously, Ronald Reagan was an … Continue reading

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Happy Reagan Day!

We at OB&B wish President Reagan a very happy 100th Birthday!

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The Importance of Consensus

It may not seem like it in this day and age of media hotheads and internet warriors, but consensus happens to be one of the longest political traditions in America – dating as far back as the Mayflower Compact. In … Continue reading

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Book of the Fortnight – Hot Time In the Old Town

One of my favorite types of book is one that reminds us of a historical event that was hugely important in its day, but has been largely forgotten in the passage of years.  The type of story that makes you … Continue reading

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Rosie the Riveter Inspiration Passes Away

Geraldine Hoff Doyle, better known as Rosie the Riveter, has passed away: Doyle was operating a metal-stamping machine when a United Press photographer took a picture of the tall, slender and glamorously beautiful brunet wearing a polka-dot bandana over her … Continue reading

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Abbey Road Crossing Now Officially Historical

It’s official. The world’s most iconic pedestrian crossing is now a protected heritage site. Tourism chief John Penrose yesterday announced it will be made a Grade II listed site of cultural significance. Sir Paul McCartney, who features on the cover … Continue reading

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Pearl Harbor Day

A thread to remember those that lost their lives 69 years ago today.

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Simply Cool: The Constitution with George Washington’s Handwritten Revisions

If you are anything like me then this is about as interesting as anything has any right to be. The Papers of George Washington project has collected over 135,000 of Washington documents, some of which can be either read as … Continue reading

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