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Why Raising Income Taxes Doesn’t Hurt the Rich

Contrary to popular belief, raising tax rates on “the rich” doesn’t generate more revenue for the government, at least not the amount most people seem to think it will. One of the reasons why is because the ultra-rich don’t have … Continue reading

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Wisconsin Budget Crisis Real

Is Minnesota to blame for the events in Madison? Yesterday, progressive sites and the New York Times began pushing the meme that the Wisconsin budget crisis was being ginned up, but the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel took a look at that … Continue reading

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The Customer is Always Taxed

How much do taxes really affect you every day? Via Yahoo, Investopedia notes a few examples including bread: Way back in 1975, Ronald Reagan commented that there were 151 taxes that went into the price of a loaf of bread, … Continue reading

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Democrats Continue War on Youth

When the going gets tough, the democrats target America’s children through Social Security. It was announced last night that Washington had struck a deal on tax-cuts and unemployment benefits. Among these cuts would be a 2% cut on payroll taxes, … Continue reading

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How Tax Increases Grow the Deficit

You read that correctly. Increasing taxes doesn’t reduce the deficit, but contributes to it. From The Wall Street Journal: Higher Taxes Won’t Reduce the Deficit In the late 1980s, one of us, Richard Vedder, and Lowell Gallaway of Ohio University … Continue reading

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Quagmire Revisited

While the electorate voted down marijuana, here’s some food for thought as to why they shouldn’t have: In June alone, while many communities around the nation were still sputtering through economic doldrums, sales taxes collected in Nederland came in a … Continue reading

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