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Rest In Peace, Victor Spinetti

Very sad news today, as actor Victor Spinetti has passed away. Beatle fans around the world know Spinetti from his multiple co-starring roles in the Beatles’ movies – the frazzled producer in A Hard Day’s Night, a jabbering military man … Continue reading

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Palin Film Flops, Moves to Pay-Per-View

If Sarah Palin was hoping a film would generate support for her to mount a Presidential run, she might want to think again if large box office numbers were what she had anticipated: With its Sarah Palin documentary “The Undefeated” … Continue reading

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Review: Waiting for Superman

After discovering Waiting for Superman through a few articles on education, I posted the trailer here at OB&B. Shortly thereafter, I was pleased to find Waiting for Superman at a local RedBox and promptly rented it. Having viewed it multiple … Continue reading

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A Very Beatles Christmas

A number of years ago, a girl friend of mine noticed a local, independent movie theater was showing A Hard Day’s Night for Christmas. Naturally, she called me and I agreed to go see the film with her. I must … Continue reading

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One Ringo To Rule Them All

Did you know that The Beatles had entertained the idea of filming The Lord of the Rings with themselves cast in the lead roles? It’s true. In 1969 the film rights to Lord of the Rings were sold to United … Continue reading

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