Jon Huntsman Just Makes Sense

Recently, I was talking to a friend about politics and thought he would be interested in the opinions and positions of Governor Jon Huntsman. That’s when I discovered this great interview Governor Huntsman did with the BBC. Discussing everything from China to what ails the Republican party, Jon does a great job, once again, of articulating his thoughts on current events, and it’s very much worth sharing and watching:

I love that he discusses how the party needs to reassess its priorities in the face of devastating losses in the demographic breakdowns. Additionally, he discusses the very real demographics threatening both parties: the growing number of Independents. When he said many Republicans don’t know where they belong these days, he’s speaking to me and countless others who have had enough of the GOP’s failure to focus on our most pressing concerns.

I find it very unfortunate that Governor Huntsman is given this amount of media time to fully articulate his positions… on a news program in the UK. Hopefully the American press will begin to give him the media time he deserves and the American people will discover there is still one political figure who speaks sense.

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One Response to Jon Huntsman Just Makes Sense

  1. dee says:

    I was in his corner when he was running during the primaries. The only smart one of the bunch.

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