Minnesota Music Monday

Har Mar Superstar GrumpysSure, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted one of these, but I thought I’d make up for it by posting some of the cream of the local crop with the latest offering from one Mister Har Mar Superstar. My trusty co-blogger summed up his thoughts on this track with one word: Brilliant.

Not only is Har Mar incredibly talented, he’s also a pretty nice guy who will hand you a drink from behind the bar while patiently answering the same question the local DJ asked him an hour previously.  (The answer both times: Stevie Wonder is his biggest musical influencer, as I think the last song demonstrates.)  But I did get an answer to my most burning Har Mar question: How did he get Eva Mendez in his “Tall Boy” video? Answer: he just knows her, of course. Not only is Har Mar happy that Britney Spears passed on the song, but so am I. Would Brit’s video have been as cool? Doubtful. And let’s be honest. Har Mar can sing circles around her. But judge for yourself:

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