Beatles Song of the Week

By now you have probably heard about the surprise of the 12/12/12 Sandy relief concert -the onstage jam between the surviving members of Nirvana (Dave Grohl, Krist Novoselic and Pat smear) and Sir Paul McCartney.  Since they closed the show (and the secret got out much earlier in the day) we had all night to speculate on what they would do.  Would they play a Beatles or McCartney hit?  Would they play a Nirvana song?  No.  What they played was an original number called “Cut Me Some Slack”, which we are happy to share with you.

Both of us really enjoyed this performance.  We all know that Paul McCartney can rock.  But it is especially pleasing to see him still able to do it.  We are engaged in a debate about what to call this band; Macvana?  Nirvacca?  Wingvana?  Whatever they are called we sincerely hope that they record more than just a single track.  These boys are talented.  They have quite a future ahead of them.

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