Beatlessence – The Knickerbockers

It’s time for one of the all-time great Beatles soundalikes, The Knickerbockers.  Between 1964 and 1966 the race was on for bands to try to match The Beatles sound.  Some did it out of respect, while others were under pressure from their producer or record label to cash in on what was popular.  We’re not entirely sure where The Knickerbockers fall in that admittedly limited spectrum, but they did manage to record a song that stands up well in its own right.  Even if it does sound like The Beatles.

Here is 1965’s “Lies.” a song you may have heard on the radio and thought it was The Beatles.  For full disclosure Drae heard this song on The Current the other day and actually thought it was a long, lost Beatles track that even she had never heard.  But alas, it is a band out of New Jersey that did as good a job as anyone ever did at capturing The Beatles sound.  Even if only just briefly.  Enjoy.

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One Response to Beatlessence – The Knickerbockers

  1. Beau Charles says:

    Thanks for the input! We loved every minute of our 15 minutes of fame. We were a hard working band with great vocals and lots of energy. We’re very proud of our efforts & we love our fans for sticking with us! Hail, hail rock&roll!!! Sincerely, Beau Charles

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