Can’t Get Enough

Being the Beatles fan that I am, sometimes I just go nuts for their early rock-n-roll, and why not? I love that old-school rock sound, back when rock-n-roll drove parents insane despite the lack of profanity. It’s good stuff. So I couldn’t be more pleased the new trend in music these days is to embrace the old-school, and I haven’t heard a better example in recent months than J.D. McPherson and his song, “North Side Gal.”

Now give a listen and tell me that doesn’t sound like it came straight out of the early 60s. Awesome.

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1 Response to Can’t Get Enough

  1. Pete says:

    That microphone he’s using is absolutely epic. It really captures the sound of the mid-to-late 50s and early 60s. It makes him sound like Little Richard.

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