Rest In Peace, Victor Spinetti

Very sad news today, as actor Victor Spinetti has passed away. Beatle fans around the world know Spinetti from his multiple co-starring roles in the Beatles’ movies – the frazzled producer in A Hard Day’s Night, a jabbering military man in Magical Mystery Tour, and my personal favorite, the crazed scientist in Help!. In fact, I enjoyed this role so much that when I had a chance to meet Mr. Spinetti at a Beatlefest I had him use a quote from Help! as part of the autograph I requested. He was very kind.

Here is a long clip from Help! that is quite interesting for a number of reasons. First, the clip starts with the Beatles in an Indian restaurant. It was this scene that introduced George Harrison to the sitar. The next scene is funny in that when your humble OB&B bloggers became friends, we quoted the jeweler scene to each other. At about the 3:30 mark is Victor Spinetti’s entrance into the Help! plot, and the real point in posting this clip:

Rest in Peace, Victor. We’ll always remember that M.I.T. was after you, wanting you to rule the world for them.

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