Minnesota Music Weekend Begins

Saturday, May 19 marks 98.3 The Current’s annual Minnesota Music Day.  While you should definitely check out The Current’s website for details, we plan to profile some of our favorite Minnesota music right along with our favorite radio station.

I’m a New Englander.  From New Hampshire, if you’re taking notes.  The idea that a music scene existed in Minneapolis, of all places, was completely alien to me even as recently as five years ago.  But after finding The Current and spending some time in the Twin Cities I can attest to the fact that Minneapolis is home to the most diverse, talented and, well, interesting collection of new artists this side of Austin or Portland.  And that’s saying nothing about the two musical geniuses that just happened to grow up in Minnesota (Dylan and Prince).

The artist I would like to feature as we head into the weekend is Jeremy Messersmith.  We have already reviewed his outstanding album The Reluctant Graveyard in these pages.  But since he has not yet released another LP, and since I have not even begun to tire of it, I am happy to feature a few songs (plus the very cool video for his single “Tatooine”).

The first song is my favorite Messersmith track, “John The Determinist.”  It may not be the most catchy, but to me it is the most beautiful.  Existing somewhere between “Like Spinning Plates” by Radiohead and a DeBeers commercial, it’s a truly spine tingling song.

Next we have “Lazy Bones,” TRG‘s leadoff hitter.  The only thing I can think of when listening to the song is “1966.”  For some reason it just fits the sound of 1966.  Maybe it’s the Kinks-ian “Party Line” style guitar intro.  Or maybe it’s the lethargic “you’re workin’ so hard” background vocals that just seem to fit that post-moptop, pre-psychedelic era.

And lastly we have the video for “Tatooine.”  The Star Wars saga retold in two and a half minutes using paper cutouts.  What’s not to like?

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