Happy Birthday George Harrison!

Today would have been George’s 69th birthday, so we wanted to take the opportunity to mark the occasion by playing a few of George’s most underappreciated solo recordings.  We all know the hits.  But you may not know these.  And you should.

The first is a song that George wrote with Tom Petty in 1989 for the Lethal Weapon 2 soundtrack.  A pity, because had it been written in time for the first Traveling Wilburys album it might have been as big a hit as “Handle With Care.”  The song is called “Cheer Down” and it stands as one of George’s best compositions.

Second we have “Blow Away” from his 1979 album, George Harrison.  This particular song reached the Top 20 in America, but rarely seems to get a mention these days.  It’s actually a very nice song.

And our third song is a track from what might be George’s most underrated album, 1975’s Extra Texture.  “The Answer’s At The End” is a beautiful song with inspiring lyrics that, to be honest, George had help in writing.  Sir Frank Crisp, the eccentric former owner of George’s palatial estate, Friar Park (immortalized in song as “Crackerbox Palace”) engraved poems and quotes in various parts of the mansion.  The first verse of this song is one of them (you can actually see it in the 2011 documentary Living In The Material World).  But whether co-written or not this song is a true hidden gem.

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