Beatles Song of the Week

Overheard on The Current this morning was a song we hadn’t thought of in a little while.  “All Together Now” was written and recorded in May of 1967, just after the completion of the Sgt. Pepper sessions and supposedly with the historic “Our World” broadcast in mind.  The Beatles were selected to represent the United Kingdom on this program -the first worldwide satellite link-up in television history.  The Beatles decided to write a song that could speak to people of all nations with a theme of brotherhood and camaraderie.  It certainly seems plausible that Paul wrote this fun little song for that event.   Unfortunately for Paul, John was working on his own song for use in the broadcast.  It was “All You Need Is Love.”   The Beatles would hang on to “All Together Now” until January of 1969 when it was used to close their animated film Yellow Sumbarine.

By the way, The Current is currently having a member drive.  It would mean a lot to us if you could click over and see what they have to offer.  We don’t know where you live, but we can guarantee that you don’t have a radio station as good as The Current in your area.  It is a new/classic/alternative music station with a phenomenal playlist -the kind of station you don’t see much anymore.  And thanks to the internet and smartphone apps, you don’t even need to live in Minneapolis to enjoy it.

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