Minnesota Music Monday

Minneapolis is absolutely buzzing about this week’s featured band: Polica. They’ve burst onto the scene and have quickly become the must see band in town. I was privileged enough to see them on January 28th for The Current’s birthday party, where they were the headlining act. They not only matched the hype, they surpassed it.

The vocals of Channy Casselle are haunting, and her stage presence is mesmerizing. However, for me the awe came from the two drummers. That’s right. TWO drummers. I’ve always enjoyed watching drummers, and watching the two Polica drummers was incredible. In addition, one of these drummers is a former co-worker of mine. I used to watch Ben Ivascu play with countless other bands about 15 years ago, and always thought he was the best drummer in town. I couldn’t be more thrilled to see him finally have an opportunity to make it big. You can see Ben in the first video in the black t-shirt.

Their debut album is being released next week, on Valentine’s day and from there they will be touring (dates and locations are posted on their site) and if you get a chance to see them, I can’t recommend enough that you go.

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