43 Years Ago Today

Yes, it was 43 years ago that The Beatles, seeking an ending visual for their film project Get Back (later renamed Let it Be) decided to take their equipment to the roof of their Apple offices and play an unannounced concert for confused passers-by.  As we have mentioned previously, this concert took place during what might have been The Beatles most difficult period.  In the week preceding the concert three of The Beatles made the decision to hire Allen Klein as their business manager.  Paul was the lone dissenting vote, and the pressure and resentment caused was a leading contribute to the breakup (George had quit the group and rejoined just weeks earlier).  In fact, by the time they climbed the stairs of #3 Savile Row they knew that they could not continue for much longer.

But for about 40 minutes The Beatles (with Billy Preston) put their differences aside and played a great set.  While they did not get arrested as they had hoped they would, the image of a band playing on the roof became as iconic as an all white album cover and closed the album (and, in a way, their career since it was the last image of their last film, released after they had already broken up) in grand style.  We present it for your viewing pleasure.

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