Beatles Song of the Week

We really must apologize for the drop in posting over the past few weeks.  As you can imagine we are somewhat disappointed in the state of the race for the Republican nomination for president.  Not so much in Jon Huntsman, but in those on the right who lied through their teeth to poison the well against him.  But we have plenty of time during Obama’s next four years (for that is what they’ve guaranteed) to discuss all that.  In the meantime, it’s Thursday.

This week’s song is an overlooked gem from 1965’s masterpiece, Rubber Soul.  In addition to being a nice message to a GOP all too eager to embrace the “Jon Huntsman is a liberal” slander, it’s one of the better examples of harmony that The Beatles ever recorded.  “Think For Yourself” is clearly not the best song that George Harrison’s ever wrote.  But it was improved in production by two factors.  A bouncy fuzz bass guitar and the incredible harmonies of Paul, George and John.  But as the second video shows, The Beatles (especially John) had considerable difficulties singing them.

The second video is an amazing window into what a Beatles recording session was like in 1965.  With the microphone left open we can hear The Beatles interacting with George Martin, joking around with each other, perfecting their harmonies, and..ummm nipping off to the toilet one by one for a joint.  Rubber Soul was described by John Lennon as “our pot album.”  And listening to this set of outtakes you can see why.  Every so often one of The Beatles wanders off and comes back to the microphone coughing.  If you listen closely enough you can even hear Paul (after being gone for a few minutes) explain that “I just came back from Olympia…I lit the torch.”  It’s definitely worth a listen.

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One Response to Beatles Song of the Week

  1. Sully says:

    Awesome doesn’t begin to describe how cool that 2nd video is! At the ripe age of 51 I can’t get enough of the Beatles.

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