Beatles Song of the Week

This week in honor of Jon Huntsman’s performance in New Hampshire we bring you “Ticket to Ride.”  Many of you will have seen Jon’s speech on Tuesday night in which he declared that New Hampshire gave him a “ticket to ride” to South Carolina.  From the looks of it he was exactly right.  He is already moving up in the polls in South Carolina despite having spent very little time there.  We just hope that the good people of that state see in Jon what the people of New Hampshire saw.  Best of luck, Governor Huntsman.

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2 Responses to Beatles Song of the Week

  1. So it comes down to Romney, Paul and Santorum aka Rock, Paper, Scissors. I can’t see any one of those three throwing in the towel and endorsing any one of the others. The GOP convention is going to be a circus.

  2. Brandon says:

    Don’t leave Newt out of that circus either with the win in South Carolina. We’ll see who comes out if it. I doubt Paul will win, but the other three…who knows at this point?

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