Boston Globe Endorses Jon Huntsman!

Sorry for the light posting recently, but I’ve been spending time volunteering for the Huntsman campaign in Manchester, New Hampshire.  And there was no better place to be than the Jon 2012 Headquarters this evening when the news came in that Jon has earned the endorsement of the Boston Globe.

 With a strong record as governor of Utah and US ambassador to China, arguably the most important overseas diplomatic post, Huntsman’s credentials match those of anyone in the field. He would be the best candidate to seize this moment in GOP history, and the best-prepared to be president.

Huntsman governed Utah as a clear conservative who nonetheless put the interests of his state ahead of ideology. He delighted right-wing supporters by replacing a graduated state income tax with a flat tax. Strong economic growth put Utah in the top five in job creation during Huntsman’s tenure, while he gave tax credits to companies developing solar energy. He offered a sweeping school choice plan, and joined the Western Climate Initiative, which set goals for reducing greenhouse gases.

This is a major endorsement in the New England media market.  The Globe is read throughout New Hampshire and its prestige will resonate nationally.  And it came on a day in which Jon picked up two more newspaper endorsements, the Laconia Citizen and the Eagle Times, bringing the total of his New Hampshire newspaper endorsements to seven.

All in all a great night.  And even better that I was able to spend it volunteering for Team Huntsman.  This weekend should be stressful, but exciting.  Hang on to your hats.

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5 Responses to Boston Globe Endorses Jon Huntsman!

  1. theredpill2012 says:

    I respect your opinion and your work, but being the favorite of the Globe and MSNBC is indicative of why he will never get my vote and why he has no chance (running as a Republican).


    • Gripweed says:

      They are endorsing him because he is the best candidate. It’s just a fact. Your fear of a conservative candidate that can appeal to Democrats and make them want to vote for a Republican is puzzling. Reagan did that. He must have been a RINO then.

      And I’m guessing that if they came out in favor of your favorite candidate you wouldn’t drop them. If anything you’d probably think it was proof your candidate is right and that even the left can see it.

      • theredpill2012 says:

        The “fact” is they are endorsing him because he is a “progressives” idea of the best Republican candidate. Your Reagan arguement is a staw man, I have no such “fear” of a candidate that would appeal to Independant Democrats. In fact I know that independants will be critical to the upcoming election. Your confusion is in believing that MSNBC and the relatively small audience it cators to are independant and or moderate when they are neither.

        As for your hypothetical, I wouldn’t “drop” or support a candidate based on any endorsement. However, in the highly unlikely event that my candidate was gushed over by arrogant progressives like Mathews, MSNBC and friends, it would give me great pause and I certainly wouldn’t consider it a plus.

        Nothing personal, Huntsman is a decent guy and I would certainly take him over Obama and most of the current Republican field, but I don’t think he as any chance. What I do fear is that he will arrogantly run as an Independant and hand the election to Obama. That is why the MSNBC & Globe endorsements are particularly troublesome to me.


      • Drae says:

        We likewise wouldn’t drop our support for Governor Huntsman because of an endorsement, nor did the Globe’s endorsement cause us to support him. This blog has always supported Jon Huntsman’s candidacy – before he even left Beijing. Why? Because he has the most conservative and impressive record of any Republican in the country. Additionally – Governor Huntsman has stated he would not run as an independent, so you fear is unfounded.

        What I find laughable is your assumption that Gripweed believes MSNBC caters to independents and moderates. Neither of us think that, nor do either or us watch MSNBC. It’s easy to project assumptions on others, but it can lead to being completely wrong – as you are. Instead of believing what you’ve been told about Jon Huntsman, perhaps you would be bettered served by looking at his actual record – which includes tax reform, job creation and economic growth. In fact, under Jon Huntsman, Utah led the nation in job creation and economic growth.

        My fear is that the GOP will nominate someone incapable of beating Obama and come to realize after the fact that we had a true conservative in Jon Huntsman all along. What’s troublesome to me is that people like you will make my fear a reality.

  2. theredpill2012 says:

    Well Drae, we can agree to disagree on your opinion that Huntsman is the most Conservative and has most impressive record of any Republican in the country. When you are done laughing maybe you can go back and read what GW wrote and explain to me who he meant by “they” if not the MSNBC and the Globe??? Yes, it is easy to infer something from what someone writes.

    It is wonderful that Hunstman has promised not to run as an independant and I hope he keeps his promise, However, I think we can both agree that Politicians often don’t keep promisses.

    Instead of assuming that anyone who didn’t agree with you or mr Huntsman is misinformed perhaps you would be better served considering the possibility that you might be wrong.

    I have seen and listened to Huntsman, he seems like a decent guy, maybe a bit smug, a bit arrogant, but on the whole not a bad guy. For one thing, he is way, way to far on the wrong side of the AGW con for my liking (cap & trade here we come). He is flat out wrong on at least 2 counts, first it is hardly settled science and to smugly imply that those who do not agree with his pov aren’t following science is insulting.

    Second, he recently said
    “Let me be very clear on this: There is no change,” Huntsman said. “I put my faith and trust in science. So you have 99 of 100 climate scientists who have come out and talked about climate change in certain terms, what is responsible for it. I tend to say this is a discussion that should not be in the political lane but should be in the scientific lane.”

    Are u kidding me????? Is he so nieve as to think the “alleged” settled science he is basing his opinion on hasn’t been political driven and polluted from day one? He doesn’t see the politics behind the settled science?

    I would like nothing more than to this civil fellas.

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