An Evening with Jon Huntsman

As Gripweed reported last night, I was given the opportunity to meet Governor Jon Huntsman last night in Minneapolis, and I wanted to give a detailed account of my evening.

When I heard that Governor Huntsman would be in town I decided I would stand outside the fundraiser with a sign to show my support. It didn’t go unnoticed, as someone reported to the campaign team I was out there. After about a half hour of freezing my tush off, I was invited inside!

When I came in, Governor Huntsman was speaking to a small group of individuals at his actual fundraiser, while in another adjacent room was the business group known as the Rough Riders. Governor Huntsman was slated to speak with them next as their guest. I mingles with a few of the members of the Rough Riders while we all waited for Governor Huntsman to finish with his fundraiser. I spoke with one gentleman who was interested to hear more from Governor Huntsman but was not yet a full supporter, and told him my reasons for supporting Governor Huntsman’s bid. Hopefully it was enough to create another Huntsman fan, but only time will tell.

Then I was brought aside by the gentleman who had invited me inside in order to meet Governor Huntsman. He came out of the first room into the hallway where we were introduced. While shaking his hand I told him what a thrill it was to meet him, and how my blog partner and I had posted over 70 articles on him. It was at this point that Governor Huntsman was touched by my dedication to his candidacy and gave me a little hug. I then told him my blog partner, Gripweed, was in Boston with a mother in New Hampshire and he said he’d love to have them visit in New Hampshire. I also told him I’d been supporting him since 2007 and I firmly believed that he would become President some day. Then we had our picture taken together. The thrill of a lifetime for me.

Next, Governor Huntsman went into the Rough Riders meeting, where he gave a speech to the Minneapolis business community gathered there. He discussed the need for tax reform, touted his economic record in Utah, and elaborated on the “trust deficit” he’s been discussing in recent weeks, which is an issue I was eager to hear him discuss. In addition to term limits, Governor Huntsman said he’d put an end to members of Congress joining lobbyist groups and using their influence and insider information to promote special interests over the interests of the American people. This was applauded by the group. Governor Huntsman also took a couple questions from the audience, including a question about how he’d improve our economy. He showed his mastery of our economic needs in terms of China by discussing the economic situation in China and how America is in a position to grow our manufacturing while China’s manufacturing is in decline.

After his question and answer period Governor Huntsman and his team slowly made their way out, as they had a flight to catch. I likewise bundled back up and made my way to the door as well. As luck would have it, I reached the door at the same time as Team Huntsman. When Governor Huntsman saw my sign for himself he instantly said he needed a picture for his daughter Liddy, which was tweeted in short order by Jon2012girls. As we all stepped out into the cold Minneapolis evening, Governor Huntsman told me to stay warm and I told him to have a safe trip back east.

All in all, it was my wildest dream come true. I had a small amount of hope that someone from Team Huntsman would take pity on me shivering in the cold and invite me in, but I had not dared to dream it would turn into a quick meeting and two photo ops. In addition, Governor Huntsman continues to impress me more and more – and I’m already a staunch supporter! A very big thank you to Dirk and Ryan for making my dreams come true.

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2 Responses to An Evening with Jon Huntsman

  1. Reine says:

    woo-hoo! This is great! What a thrill for you!

    Thanks for getting in touch, BTW. Appreciate it.

  2. roopost says:

    I’m pleased to hear your support was suitably recognised. I’ve been reading upon on my Huntsman, (due to Gripweed’s and your influence). I must say, and as I have been saying, he remains the best of the current batch.

    While I disagree with Mr. Huntsman on his Financial Regulatory policies, I can’t say there’s much else I would disagree with in his plan. He strikes me, unsurprisingly, as the sensible candidate. I don’t know what will be the turning point in his candidacy, but I hope it’s soon. His voice needs to be heard.

    Kind regards,

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