When Dreams Come True

Who says dreams can’t come true?  A few days ago MPR ran a quick note saying that Jon Huntsman would be hosting a fundraiser at the Minneapolis Club in downtown Minneapolis.  Seeing an opportunity for Drae to meet her political hero, Gripweed (that’s me) relayed this message to his soon-to-be overjoyed co-blogger.  Drae fashioned a sign and decided to show her support for Jon as he arrived.

Well, as often happen with twists of fate, a campaign worker spotted her outside and invited her into the event to meet Jon!  A special thank you goes out to Jon’s assistant who helped Drae to meet the next president of the United States.  And an even bigger thank you to the Jon2012 girls (jon2012girls on Facebook and @jon2012girls on Twitter) for the kind words on Twitter!  A great night for Drae in Minneapolis and for me in Boston!

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2 Responses to When Dreams Come True

  1. susan herrig says:

    Damn. The one day I probably didn’t look at MPR. I’ve been aware Of Buckley and Beatles for quite sometime now. I posted you in a private JHJ group from Utah almost a year ago. I’m a progressive who’s been following Huntsman since he was Governor of Utah. I’ve been posting links about Huntsman on my FB posts while he was still Governor. I’m a big admirer of his and ran across your posts a long time ago. Congratulations for having met him. I’m bummed though, I would have joined you outside with a sign had I known he was in Mpls (I’m in Mpls).

    • Drae says:

      I would have loved to have some company out there! We appreciate your support and links. Feel free to comment more and perhaps we can meet up at the next Huntsman event in Minnesota!

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