Our Greatest Huntsman Hits

Thanks to some great advertising by the Jon2012girls on Twitter we have been seeing a lot of traffic this evening.  Since there is nothing blogwise that is more important to us than seeing Jon Huntsman win the GOP nomination for president, we thought we would provide some links to our favorite Jon Huntsman related posts.  We hope you enjoy them!

Why America Needs Jon Huntsman

The Economic Case For Jon Huntsman

Celebrating Jon Huntsman Post #70

Timing Is Everything

Countdown to April 30: A Wizard Is Never Late, or Is He Early, He Arrives Precisely When He Means To

Why Jon Huntsman

A Day On The Hunt

2012 Fiscal Quiz

Twittergate: Gingrich’s Followers 92% Fake; Huntsman’s The Most Real?

Jon Huntsman: The GOP Candidate The Democrats Would Rather Not Face

The Next Reagan: Jon Huntsman

Jon Huntsman in 2012

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