Boston Herald Editorial Page Praises Jon Huntsman

Rachelle Cohen, editor of the Boston Herald editorial page, has written a wonderful piece on Jon Huntsman in today’s Herald entitled “The Smartest Guy You’ve Never Heard Of.”  Could this be the prelude to an endorsement?  We can only hope.

But it’s on foreign policy that Huntsman — who served not only in China and Singapore but as a deputy U.S. trade representative with a special role in Asia — excels, and not just because he’s fluent in Mandarin.

This is the guy anyone would feel comfortable having answer that proverbial 3 a.m. phone call Hillary Clinton once talked about.

Great stuff indeed.  But it’s the last line that really makes me wonder if the Herald is coming around.

Wonky? Sure, but in a spontaneous, unprogrammed way. No handler ever put words in this guy’s mouth. Which indeed gets back to that original question: Why haven’t we heard of this guy? And isn’t it time we did.

I grew up in New Hampshire and I live in Boston.  To understand how big of an endorsement the Herald could be you need to realize that although the Union Leader is New Hampshire’s largest daily newspaper the Boston media dominates New Hampshire.  WMUR is a quality television channel, but it competes with several Boston network affiliates throughout every corner of the state.  And the Boston Globe (from the left) and the Boston Herald (from the right) are read at least as much, if not more so than the Union Leader.  That would be an endorsement that would carry considerable weight in the Granite State.  Hopefully Rachelle’s opinion is shared by others on the Herald’s editorial staff.

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