Another Writer Gets It: Huntsman the most electable of the GOP field

Here is a quick pre-errands post to direct your attention to an article written by syndicated columnist  Ann McFeatters.  Its title?  “Watch: Obama has most to fear from Huntsman.”

 If Jon Huntsman were the GOP presidential nominee, President Barack Obama probably would be moving back to Chicago in January 2013.

With the advantage from Republicans’ perspective that he’s not Obama, Huntsman appeals to many independents because he’s not a tea partier. And, once again, independents will decide the election.

Precisely.  Do not be fooled by the far-right dominated blogosphere.  Jon’s message resonates with independents.  They just need some kind of proof that he has a chance.  Articles like this one will help towards that goal.  As will his showing in New Hampshire.

Hurrah for Huntsman pointing out to Romney that the president can’t just listen to the country’s generals (remember Vietnam, he said) but has to be the commander in chief with ideas and goals of his own.

Hurrah for Huntsman warning Gingrich, who wants to strengthen the Patriot Act at the expense of civil liberties, that Americans must be “very careful” to protect civil liberties. America must not lose its “shining brand.”

Hurrah for Huntsman who says that we can’t have banks that are too big to fail.

Take a look at the entire piece here.  The more voices that come forward and give Governor Huntsman a chance, the more likely his message will resonate with independents and moderates from both parties.  And that is how candidates win.

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