Beatles Song Of The Week

This week we’re featuring a song that always seems to be overlooked in discussions about The Beatles best or most beautiful songs.  It was not a hit single and is probably not even the third, fourth, or fifth most famous song on the album from which it came.  But it might be one of the best songs The Beatles ever recorded.  The song is “Because” from The Beatles magnificent final album, Abbey Road (yes, Let it Be was released later, but it was recorded several months before Abbey Road).  The song was modeled after Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata” played backwards.  And it is simply gorgeous.

The three part harmony sung by John, Paul and George may have been influenced by the three part harmony popularized by Crosby Stills and Nash on their debut album, which was released a few months before this song was recorded.  Or it may have been influenced by The Beach Boys, as harmony rich songs like “Here There and Everywhere” had been.  But never before had The Beatles three part harmony been quite as spine tingling.  And that synthesizer you hear during the break?  That was George Harrison’s newest toy, the Moog synthesizer which he used to record his bizarre 1969 solo album, Electronic Sounds.

So take a moment and enjoy one of the last songs The Beatles ever recorded together.  A track which contains some of John’s simplest, but most powerful lyrics.   Until next week, gentle readers!

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