Wisconsin – It’s Working

If you were one of the people that joined in the media driven hysteria surrounding Scott Walker’s Budget Reform bill and predicted the end of civilization as we know it, please take a moment to watch the following video produced by the Americans For Prosperity Institute and the John K. MacIver Foundation entitled “It’s Working.”  It seems that the only thing the Wisconsin Budget Reform Bill did was to do exactly what it set out to do.  Provide relief to federal and municipal budgets.

It seems other states could learn something from the Wisconsin example.  And they have, in the deep red state of California.  And by none other than noted right wing extremist and agent of the Koch Brothers Jerry Brown.

 Gov. Jerry Brown will unveil a 12-point plan to overhaul California’s strained public retirement system Thursday, proposing benefits for new state workers that combine elements of traditional guaranteed pensions with a 401(k)-style savings plan, according to people briefed on the matter.

Brown will also propose raising the age at which most new state employees can get full benefits, from 55 to 67.

Predictably the unions were not amused.

“Our unions aren’t going to put up a penny for a pension initiative,” said Dave Low, chairman of the Californians for Retirement Security, a coalition of labor groups fighting to preserve existing public-employee benefits.

Shall I set my DVR for the ’round-the-clock MSNBC coverage of the protests in Sacramento?  Oh, right.  He’s a Democrat.

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