Beatles Song of the Week

It’s here!  The song so bland it appeared on not one, but two of our more unflattering lists of Beatles songs.  A song that so boldly announces its own mediocrity and revels in is tunelessness.  Yes, it’s “Only a Northern Song.”

It’s not that we hate the song.  As ever, even the worst Beatles song is better than the best a LOT of groups have to offer.  And it is charming in its own “runt of the litter” way.  But maybe that’s part of the joke.  That The Beatles can get away with a lousy, boring and badly played song.  It doesn’t matter if it stinks -it’s a Northern Song (their publishing company) so it’ll be considered good.  Has George put one over one us?

Nah.  It’s just a mediocre song.  But this week it’s OUR mediocre song.  See it in its psychedelic glory in the film Yellow Submarine.  And try not to fall asleep.

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