Governor Christie Stays Out of GOP Race

Dashing the hopes of many a politico, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has decided to stay out of the 2012 GOP nomination. From the Wall Street Journal:

In an announcement broadcast live on national cable channels, Mr. Christie said he had always felt disinclined to run, but that he had revisited his plans due to the promptings of high-profile supporters and letters from the public sent to his home in recent weeks.

But in the end, he decided against a run. He said he had no plans to endorse any of the existing Republican candidates, at least not now.

Personally, I’m not surprised as I believed him when he said previously, about a thousand times, that he would not seek the nomination. While I certainly find Governor Christie likable, as well as reasonable and electable, the GOP field already has a sensible moderate who supports science in Governor Jon Huntsman. Governor Christie has, in my opinion, made the right decision to stay out of the race and allow Governor Huntsman the opportunity to win the nomination. Although, I must say, a Huntsman-Christie ticket would be a fantastic match-up against the Democrats.

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