Jon Huntsman Makes Big Gains In Granite State

Is this something?

Yeah, I’d say it is.  From Sarah Kunin (ABC).

Jon Huntsman has officially entered double digit territory in New Hampshire, according to a new poll by Suffolk University. The former governor garnered 10% in a poll of 400 likely Republican primary voters, ranking third out of eleven GOP hopefuls. Mitt Romney stood well ahead of the pack at 41%, followed by Ron Paul at 14%, while national frontrunner Rick Perry took fourth place with 8%.

Huntsman’s campaign was delighted by the news, quickly sending out a fundraising email titled: “On The Hunt! Jon Jumps In New Poll.”

“We have exciting news to share this evening,” campaign manager Matt David wrote to supporters. “A new poll just released shows Governor Huntsman’s support jumping in New Hampshire, and confirms what we have known all along about Jon: once you get to know him, you’re for him.”

The bold font was mine.  I couldn’t resist.

“But that’s just one poll!” you might well exclaim.  No matter.  Here’s another.

As Michele Bachmann is flaming out as we have predicted since, well the second she decided to run.  And as Rick Perry’s “Long Tall Texan” routine falls flat with an ever-suspicious New Hamphire electorate, Jon Huntsman is emerging as the sensible candidate.  Mitt Romney may enjoy massive name recognition due to the omnipresent Boston media in the Granite State (not to mention with the wave of conservatives who fled Massachusetts to escape the dizzying taxes), but Jon is spending a lot of time there and people are obviously starting to notice.

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