Tuesday Bluesday

This week we have selections from what has to be one of the greatest collaboration between a rock band and a blues singer in music history.  Hooker ‘N Heat, released in 1971 was the last album to feature Canned Heat guitarist, harp player, and songwriter Alan “Blind Owl” Wilson before his untimely death at age 27.  But the music is tight and John Lee Hooker never sounded better.

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One Response to Tuesday Bluesday

  1. Thanks for remembering Hooker ‘n Heat on your blog! Fans of the classic-era Canned Heat lineup, and in particular vocalist/musical arranger Alan “Blind Owl” Wilson, may wish to check out the new family-authorized website established in his honor. It’s at http://AlanWilsonCannedHeat.com and features rare photos, essays, links and other resources, as well as music downloads.

    I’ve been honored to make a few contributions to Alan’s tribute website, and have written a book-length biography of him which gives more detail on the recording of “Hooker ‘n Heat” and Alan’s significant role in the “blues revival” of the 1960s. It’s available (along with a Google Books preview) at http://BlindOwlBio.com. I also operate a few social networking fan sites dedicated to him, and will be sure to share your blog with other Canned Heat fans there.

    Thanks again for remembering Canned Heat’s work with blues legend John Lee Hooker. Don’t forget to boogie!

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