Beatles Song of the Week

Paul is back this week with a song from his underappreciated 1971 album Ram.  Sure, the album spawned the mega hit “Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey.”  But you never hear any of the other songs mentioned very often.  This song, “Too Many People,” is one of them.

One of the most interesting things about Ram was that it was recorded in 1971 during the height of the John Lennon – Paul McCartney media feud.  Between 1970 and 1972 Paul and John took turns taking shots at each other in the press and in their music.  Ram contains several moments where the listener might ask themselves “Is he talking about John?”  From songs like “Three Legs” (When I thought you was my friend – But you let me down, took my heart around the bend), “Dear Boy,” and “Too Many People” right down to the photograph of one beetle, ahem, having its way with another beetle on the cover.   In response John recorded “How Do You Sleep?” and included a postcard inside copies of his Imagine album which mocks the cover of Ram.  In it John is in a pose similar to Paul on the Ram cover, only he is holding the ears of a pig.

So enjoy the song and listen for a blistering McCartney lead guitar solo at the end.

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