So where’s YOUR candidate’s jobs plan?

Or the President’s for that matter.  Jon Huntsman will lead the way forward this Wednesday with the unveiling of his job creation plan.

 In his first stop in New Hampshire next week, GOP presidential candidate and former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman will lay out his jobs creation plan, which is expected to detail his call for “a new industrial revolution.”

Huntsman will make the detailed announcement at Gilchrist Metal Fabricating in Hudson, one of the state’s leading manufacturers of precision metal fabrications and machined components.

It is wonderful that Jon will take the initiative and present a plan to support the optimistic vision for America that has been delivered in his speeches.

Huntsman is expected to focus on his calls to have the term “‘Made in America’ mean something again” and for a “new industrial revolution.”

Huntsman has said that during his time as Utah’s governor from 2005 to 2009, his state was a leader in job creation because, “We made the most business-friendly climate in the entire country.”

Earlier this week, he said on ABC News, “I wouldn’t necessarily trust any of my opponents” with the economy, citing their opposition to the debt-ceiling deal reached earlier this month.

The Huntsman plan will be released about a week before both President Barack Obama and Huntsman GOP presidential rival Mitt Romney are expected to unveil their jobs plans.

We are as excited as can be about this announcement and look forward to hearing a job recovery plan from the candidate with the best economic record.  So if you are reading this and support another candidate, drop them a line and ask them where their jobs plan is?  The real answer?  They probably don’t have one.

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