Jon Huntsman’s Perry jab a real peach

Speaking at the Georgia state Capitol today Jon Huntsman received a standing ovation from the assembled legislators and delivered a nice jab at Rick Perry in the process.

Huntsman is no dummy. He quickly picked up on Ralston’s message. “Serious candidates come here to the statehouse. You shouldn’t have to go to them. Just remember that,” Huntsman told lawmakers.

Overall, the former U.S. ambassador to China and Singapore delivered an upbeat, Reaganesque message. “We are a blue-sky, optimistic people. We’re going to find solutions. We always do,” Huntsman said.

He spoke of his China experience. “You walk the streets of Beijing, Shanghai or Guangzhou, and there’s energy. There’s a level of enthusiasm,” Huntsman said. “I just want to remind you what this country has. We have everything this country needs to succeed, and we forget that sometimes.”

Afterward, Huntsman hung around for a few photographs with lawmakers. Democrats were just as eager to be seen with him as Republicans.

The Perry quip comes on the heels of the Texas governor’s suggestion to Georgia state legislators that they visit him in Austin to get to know him.  But this continues what has been a positive week for Jon.  With the conversation started about Huntsman injecting sanity into the GOP field it’s just a matter of time before loose cannon candidates like Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann take themselves out of contention.  And if you haven’t already, check him out on Piers Morgan Tonight from earlier this week.

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