Jon Huntsman and the Return of Political Sanity

This morning Governor Jon Huntsman appeared on ABC’s This Week. Interviewed by Jake Tapper, Governor Huntsman displayed exactly why OB&B has supported his candidacy all along. Among the highlights:

The former Utah governor says his Republican rivals as well as President Barack Obama are on the political “fringes.” Huntsman says Obama is too liberal and there are Republican candidates who are too far to the right and have “zero substance.”

Huntsman slammed Perry for expressing skepticism about manmade global warming and for criticizing the nation’s central banker. “I think when you find yourself at an extreme end of the Republican Party, you make yourself unelectable,” Huntsman said in interview, aired Sunday on ABC’s “This Week.”

Huntsman also ridiculed Bachmann’s claims that she could bring gasoline prices below $2 if elected president. “I just don’t know what world that comment would come from. … That is completely unrealistic. And, again, it’s talking about things that, you know, may pander to a particular group or sound good at the time, but it just simply is not founded in reality.”

The closer:

“I’m confident we’re getting there. But I’m even more confident that the message that we bring to this race, that of a center-right message for a center-right country that is looking for common-sense solutions and a leader who’s actually been there and done that in the marketplace and can apply those same principles now to a nation that so desperately needs it,” he said.

Absolutely right. For those looking for a sensible, intelligent leader with a record of accomplishments, then Jon Huntsman is the answer to a political prayer. Without him, the race for the GOP nomination would have a serious void in the rationality department. ABC has, thankfully, posted the entire interview online, so be sure to watch the whole thing.

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3 Responses to Jon Huntsman and the Return of Political Sanity

  1. Independents will never vote for an ultra right wing GOP candidate. The Republican party is a “Big Tent” remember!

    • Drae says:

      I couldn’t agree more, Margie! I’m confident those who understand this point will see to it the GOP nominates an electable Republican, and they’ll be the same people who realize Jon Huntsman is the superior choice.

  2. James says:

    I’m and independent and I can certainly see myself voting for Huntsman. I still don’t know much about him but I certainly liked the common sense he displayed in his interview with Jake Tapper. I do not want to vote for Obama but I’d rather vote for Obama than Perry, Bachman, or Palin.

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