Beatles Song of the Week

This week we would like to feature a song of hope, strength, and (hopefully) inspiration.  Paul wrote this simple, but beautiful song in 1968 in response to news about the American civil rights movement.  But the themes expressed in the lyrics could apply to anyone whose confidence could use a boost.  We hope it has that effect on you, should you require it.

We are including a cool bonus video (in case the embed police make viewing the video of the album cut difficult) which shows Paul in the studio in 1968 rehearsing the song.

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2 Responses to Beatles Song of the Week

  1. Blackbird is such a great such and such great guitar picking! That song took me so long to learn and it will never sound as good. Thanks for sharing!!

    • Gripweed says:

      Don’t I know it! I loved learning to fingerpick that song, but to this day I can not get the little jangles that Paul throws in every few measures quite right! The same is true for “Mother Nature’s Son”. Maddening, but I guess that’s part of the beauty of learning to play. How fun would it be to know how to play everything first time ’round? Not very.

      I love being able to see him playing it in the second video. For Beatle fans, how often do you get to see them actually playing in the White Album era? And I haven’t even mentioned the shoes.

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