Is Jeb Bush Endorsing Huntsman? Updated

The Huntsman campaign has a “major announcement” scheduled for tomorrow morning in Coconut Grove, Florida, and rumors are swirling that it might be the endorsement of Governor Jeb Bush:

So what’s this major announcement? The buzz is a possible Jeb Bush endorsement. Bush of course lives a short while away from Coconut Grove in Coral Gables. Jeb Bush Jr. meanwhile offered his endorsement to Hunstman in June, and a former Jeb-aid, Nikki Lowrey, now works for the Huntsman campaign.

With Rick Scott’s popularity proving something of a disadvantage, and Marco Rubio saying he’ll stay neutral, a Jeb Bush endorsement is perhaps the biggest prize in Florida.

There are people claiming it’s not Jeb Bush, but I’m leaning more towards the idea that it is. I have a sneaking feeling the entire Bush clan are not fans of Rick Perry, and they’re going to throw their support to the man with the superior record on economic growth. And if this is true, than it should open a lot of the Bush family’s resources to the Huntsman campaign.

We shall see what tomorrow brings.

Update: According to the Daily Caller, Governor Bush says the speculation is “not true.”

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