Huntsman Time with Obama Not the Problem

Congratulations, Brian Albertelli. You’re playing right into President Obmam’s ploy. What ploy is that, you say?

“[Huntsman] worked in the Obama administration as an ambassador to China — so almost off the top, that kind of knocks him off for me.”

The irony of Mr. Albertelli’s position is this is exactly the mentality President Obama and his supporters were hoping GOP voters would take in regards to Governor Huntsman. Indeed, from the first hints of a Huntsman 2012 bid, the left-wing talking point instantly became Huntsman’s service in China. And not just left-wing outlets like The Atlantic, but even the President himself. “I’m sure that him having worked so well with me will be a great asset in any Republican primary,” Obama “joked”in March.

But make no mistake – this is no laughing matter to the White House. From the very earliest days of this administration, a senior Obama advisor admitted a Huntsman candidacy made him “queasy,” and even more recently “top Democrats” told Jake Tapper Huntsman was “the GOP candidate President Obama would least like to face in 2012,” repeating a claim from earlier in the year.

The White House’s strategy is apparent – capitalize on anti-Obama sentiment in order to marginalize the GOP contender the Obama campaign admits is the one they fear the most. The goal, in essence, taint the well against Huntsman by promoting his service to the administration. What Mr. Albertelli and his fellow travelers are doing is giving President Obama exactly what he wants – a low prospect of facing his toughest opponent.

So, congratulations Huntsman Haters. You make Obama’s day.

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