Beatles Song of the Week

This week we are featuring a song in honor of the debt negotiations in Washington D.C.. In particular it is our take on the so-called “Boehner Bill,”  It’s George Harrison’s demo of “All Things Must Pass”.

When one hears this track on George’s solo album of the same name it’s hard to believe that this song was passed over by The Beatles.  But it was.  It was rehearsed several times in January, 1969 as a part of the “Get Back” sessions (later to become the basis for the Let it Be film and album) but it was never seriously considered for release.  The version we are including is a demo version featuring only George and his guitar.  This stripped down arrangement gives the song a haunting beauty that the solo album version (while great in its own right) does not have.

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3 Responses to Beatles Song of the Week

  1. Brandon says:

    And the Senate defeated the bill. I hate to say it, but we do seriously need a discussion about national debt BEFORE the next election. I’d like to see what the current crop of presidential candidates have to say about the debt.

  2. Drae says:

    Brandon- ABC has a write up of where each candidate stands on the debt ceiling debate:

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