Jon Huntsman at Dartmouth

On Tuesday, Governor Jon Huntsman spoke at Dartmouth’s “Leading Voices” Summer Lecture Series and discussed not only the American economy but also our relationship with China.

Since the first rumors of Jon Huntsman joining the 2012 race there have been dismissals of his candidacy because of his service as Ambassador to China under the Obama Administration. Personally, I felt it was a weak and shortsighted criticism when it was first cast by the left, and instead I believe it is this service in China that gives Jon Huntsman a level of knowledge and experience that no other candidate offers. I believe this video not only proves Governor Huntsman is the only candidate with global economic experience, but it’s also a taste of what’s to come in the candidate debates should China or other global economic issues be raised by the moderators.

After this lecture, Dartmouth Review’s summer President, Benjamin Riley, said he considers Huntsman to be “the most electable Republican candidate in the race.” I couldn’t agree more.

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