Palin Film Flops, Moves to Pay-Per-View

If Sarah Palin was hoping a film would generate support for her to mount a Presidential run, she might want to think again if large box office numbers were what she had anticipated:

With its Sarah Palin documentary “The Undefeated” increasing its playdates by 40 percent this weekend, only to watch box office revenue decline by over 63 percent, distributor Arc Entertainment announced Sunday that the film will soon be available on pay per view.

The movie played in 14 Tea Party-friendly locations this weekend — up from the 10 in which it opened last week — but grossed just $24,000.

Usually when a film moves to pay-per-view and DVD after a two-week limited run, it’s not a good sign. While the distributor is spinning this decision as a more effective means to distribute the film to the largest possible audience, surely they and Palin must be disappointed by the numbers. While Sarah certainly has her loyal fans, the people targeted by the limited release, Tea Party enthusiasts, have apparently decided to skip this film. Personally, I think it’s Palin Fatigue, but it might just be that Tea Party supporters realize there are better candidates already in the race. Time will tell.

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