Beatles Song of the Week

This week in honor of our elected leaders being unable to agree to the exact amount of additional debt with which they should saddle our grandchildren we bring you one of the many cover songs that The Beatles recorded that they completely made their own.  Not that Barrett Strong’s 1959 version (co-written by Berry Gordy) is lacking.  The Beatles just had a way of making you forget that some of those songs had been done before.  “Shout,” “Slow Down,” “Please Mister Postman,” “You’ve Really Got a Hold of Me,” and “Twist and Shout” all got the Beatles treatment, and all of them became Beatles classics.

This video of The Beatles performing “Money (That’s What I Want)” in 1963 is notable because it features George playing a 425 Jetglo model Rickenbacker.  George purchased this guitar on a trip to Illinois earlier in the year and only played it for a few months.  For a guitar enthusiast like Gripweed this is interesting footage indeed!  And the song’s great too.

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