A First Time for Everything

Back in April I had yet another computer failure – the second in less than a year. Thankfully, my wonderful blog partner had an old laptop worthy of fixing and donating to the cause. It’s my first time owning a laptop and I’m still getting accustomed to its quirks as well as the ability to take it anywhere (I’m currently blogging from a coffee shop in downtown Minneapolis). It’s an interesting change to be blogging out in public where I can people watch. It’s a beautiful night in Minneapolis, now that the heat wave is over, and folks are getting ready for the Twins game. The Milwaukee Brewers are in town so there are a lot of Wisconsinites milling about, too.

While I was waiting for this computer to arive back from the tech department, I was also packing my things and moving back into Minneapolis. But this marks my first time living in South Minneapolis. It has never been an area that held much appeal for me, as I left my heart in Nordeast, but I’m quite excited about my new home and I’m looking forward to getting to know my new neighborhood. As it so happens, sunshine plus South Minneapolis, of course, equals Atmosphere:

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