Beatles Song of the Week

This week it is “Penny Lane.”  What do you get when you take four twentysomething hipsters, dress them in hunting outfits, put them on horses, and turn them loose on the streets of London (not Liverpool, though it’s meant to look like they were there) without any riding experience?  You get the official promo video for “Penny Lane” from 1967.

Many people think of this as another piece of Paul McCartney fluff.  They couldn’t be more wrong.  This song has a psychedelic gleam to it -perhaps a different type than its co-A-side, “Strawberry Fields Forever” (in what is probably the greatest double A-side single in rock history), but it’s there.

The song is driven by the bass line.  You may not be able to hear it come through your speakers on the YouTube clip, but Paul outdid himself on the Rickenbacker bass on this track. Fans may love the classic violin Hofner bass, but the improvement in Paul’s playing and in his tone was dramatic as soon as he began using the Rickenbacker. But that’s a story for another time.

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One Response to Beatles Song of the Week

  1. roopost says:

    Gripweed, Drae,

    I don’t know – Hey Jude and Revolution made a pretty good 45 back in the day.
    Kind regards,

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