Pawlenty’s Problem

Poll numbers are coming out in Iowa showing an unusual trend for former Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty, as Politico reports:

The Des Moines Register has posted new details from the Iowa caucus poll released overnight, showing that Pawlenty has the second-highest net favorability rating out of all the candidates in the 2012 field. The percentage of people who have a favorable impression of Pawlenty is 45 points higher than the percentage who have an unfavorable impression. Just 13 percent of respondents were in the anti-Pawlenty category.

And yet, the former Minnesota governor is stuck at 6 percent in the polls, behind favorability frontrunner Michele Bachmann, but also narrowly trailing considerably less well liked candidates such as Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul.

This comes as no surprise here at OB&B. While Pawlenty has a two term governorship to his credit and a record that may impress some, he frankly lacks the charisma necessary to sway a national electorate. Nor is his record in Minnesota particularly admirable or enviable. It seems the voters in Iowa have a similar impression at this point. His numbers may rise a bit over Gingrich and others, but overall I think he’ll remain towards the back of the pack as other candidates can and will outshine him.

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