Jon Huntsman places second in conservative conference straw poll

Full disclosure: He finished behind Ron Paul. So take that result with the entire Bonneville Salt Flats. If Paul’s tiny number of rabid followers can spam every straw poll and online poll to make him look more viable than he is (his M.O. for years now) then I guess I can’t really vouch for the accuracy of any poll Ron Paul wins.

But still… It would be another step in the direction we have been predicting since January.

Mr. Huntsman, who doesn’t have much of a national profile, pulled off a surprising second-place finish with 382 votes. He formally announces his campaign at an event Tuesday in view of the Statue of Liberty. He benefited from the help of student organizers .

Take note of the last line. Student organizers. Could Jon Huntsman be the beneficiary of a significant portion of the college vote that Obama received in 2008, before the “Great Disheartening”? Stay tuned.

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