Jon Huntsman – A Serious GOP Candidate

The Washington Post has a quality piece a out Jon Huntsman called “Jon Huntsman – A Serious GOP Candidate.” In it Jon Huntsman discusses his strategy to generate name recognition in a crowded GOP field.

Compared to some others in the Republican field, Huntsman barely registers in national polls. But activists in early primary states see a serious resume and considerable political skills. Some talk of his potential for 2016. A number of political heavy-hitters have signed on this time around. In a flat political market, Huntsman is considered a growth stock.

The media have often covered Huntsman as a liberal Republican — a Rockefeller reincarnation. After all, he supports civil unions. He made it easier to get a drink at a bar in Utah. This easy press narrative gives Huntsman an odd advantage in a Republican primary: He is more conservative than his image. For many Republicans, he will improve upon closer inspection.

“At the beginning of a campaign,” Huntsman tells me, “labels drive the debate. Once I’m better known — my record as governor, my temperament — this will shift.” Recognizing the power of labels, however, he suggests a different one: “Maybe conservative problem-solver.”As governor of Utah, Huntsman did pursue a moderate environmental agenda and did not go out of his way to offend immigrants. If these are disqualifying for a GOP presidential candidate, Republicans have no intention of winning.

We could not agree more. Once people get to know him they will see that his financial plans for America are conservative in the very best sense. But the line of the day comes from the author, who says:

While some seem to be running for a host position on Fox News, Huntsman appears to be running for president.

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