Beatlessence – Raphael Saadiq

One of the things that struck us about Raphael Saadiq is that his influences, which are audible throughout his new album, Stone Rollin’, are not limited to R&B and Soul. In fact, we found that many of the tracks on Saadiq’s albums are downright Beatlesque.  Perhaps that is because The Beatles were influenced by the same people to whom Saadiq is paying homage.  But it is difficult to listen to a track like “Radio” and not think of The Beatles.

“Radio” is a song reminiscent of The Beatles early period when they included uptempo dance numbers. Think “I’m Down” mixed with”Hippy Hippy Shake.”  The guitar is reminiscent of George Harrison and the drums sound like they could have come from Mr. Ringo Starr himself. But it is the vocal delivery that reminds us of a classic Paul McCartney belter. Take a listen for yourself and hear why it is we think that “Radio” has a hint of Beatlessence.

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